Was steve harmon guilty

My name is steve harmon, i am 16 years old and i am currently on trial for murder kathy o'brien, my lawyer is trying to get me out of this mess that i got into, while sandra petrocelli, the prosecutor, is positive i am guilty. Steve harmon is guilty because on page 115 he says whats wrong with going inside a drugstore and looking around implying that he was there and when sandra petrocelli asked him, during his. This is suggesting that steve was answering as a guilty criminal and o'brien helped him to doctor his response to sound innocent perhaps this was the reason for o'brien's cool response steve himself even suggests that he is not innocent, and the reader is left to wonder if perhaps he was only convincing himself that he wasn't guilty. Harmon was the business partner of his father, philip harmon, who induced 25 groups linked to quaker institutions to pay $21 million for health-insurance coverage that didn't exist.

was steve harmon guilty The book is about steve's trial and whether he will be found guilty of felony murder in the end, steve is found innocent but the reader is left to wonder if steve is guilty or not it is a story of a young man who wants to act tough and ends up in trouble for this.

Monster is a book that is about a 16 year old named steve harmon who is in jail because of a murder that took place at a drug store he was the outsider who was watching as two others were robbing the store and killed the owner when the owner got out his gun. Steve harmon must be found guilty laws also protect the accused steve is innocent until proven guilty. There have been two people put on trial for this murder, mr harmon and mr king steve harmon was proven not guilty and james king was proven guilty posted by.

By grace rodriguez for a school project the smiths - the boy with the thorn in his side (official music video) - duration: 3:21 the smiths 4,161,451 views. Sometimes i feel like i have walked into the middle of a movie maybe i can make my own movie the film will be the story of my life no, not my life, but of this experience. What information from journal entries affects your opinion of whether steve is innocent or guilty the information from the journal entry that made me think he is innocent was when he said anybody can walk into a drugstore and look around. The book monster by walter dean myers, is about teenager steve harmon who has a gift for screen play writing he lives in harlem, new york steve is on trial for allegedly being the lookout in a serious crime that involved robbery and murder. Is steve harmon innocent or guilty i think he is innocent because he sound innocenti think he was not the one that did all the bad stuffi think at night when everybody was sleeping and it when fasti think that king is the one who plan this and did all the bad stuffi think steve know bobo because he was therei think he is friend because he.

Is steve harmon guilty or innocent evidence proving steve harmon guitly: evans testifies that steve was part of the robbery team, acting as a lookout man steve doubts his own innocence. Harmon waived a formal reading of the nine counts, entering the not guilty plea and agreeing to the next court hearing date of feb 9 three of de la cruz's family members sobbed outside the courtroom wednesday, following the arraignment. Lastly, steve harmon takes the witness stand and says he was working on a film project at the time of the robbery therefore, the jury had to find steve harmon not guilty because there was reasonable doubt about his involvement in the drugstore robbery. We think that steve harmon is innocent because there is not enough evidence to prove he is guilty, he is very certain and stuck with trying to prove that that he was not there when the crime was committed and finally because the other people on trial were using him to get a shorter sentence. Steve harmon is guilty of murder due to his involvement in the crime, committing perjury on the witness stand, and guilty for his affiliation with the wrong crowd steve being accused of an alleged lookout demonstrates that he is guilty.

Robert mattei class 702 ms bentley may 5, 2009 why do you feel he is innocent/guilty i feel that steve is innocent, because he was telling the truth about that he didn't robbed or killed mr nesbitt. As it states in the quote steve harmon is writing the word 'monster' over and over again(p24) this quote indicates he has low self-esteem because the prosecuting attorney had just said the negative things about him in front of the judge and twelve jurors. Readers will come to see that steve was guilty the first reason leading to the belief in steve harmon's guilt is where steve says that the moment the murder was committed he was walking down the street, trying to make his mind a blank screen (myers 128. Using a t-chart, summarize the arguments petrocelli uses to prove that steve harmon should be found guilty versus the arguments o'brien uses to prove that steve harmon should be found not guilty feel free to add any additional arguments you think of that could be used. •the main character steve harmon is a 16 year old black man who was arrested for being the lookout in a robbery that turned into a murder he is now on trial as to whether or not he really was the lookout kathy o'brien is steve's attorney who uses a tactic of distancing steve from the other men in the case as of way of proving him not guilty.

Was steve harmon guilty

Steve harmon told a local reporter that he will fight the charges, and i look forward to the opportunity to prove my innocence in a trial phil harmon, who pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges in 1997, is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence. Steve harmon is sixteen years old and on trial for murder in monster by walter dean myers, which takes the reader through the suspenseful trial and the verdict steve is a young man who has never been in trouble before. In the book, the main character steve harmon is a sixteen year old, who is also black, that is on trial for murder the story line covers events and testimonies before and during the trial the jury eventually has to make a decision of guilty or not guilty. Steve harmon kathy o'brien sandra petrocelli trying to prove that steve is guilty defense attorney for james king trying to keep king out of ja.

  • His lawyer, o'brien, says in her closing statement, what can we trace as to the guilt or innocence of my client, steve harmon (245) this leaves the jury with an undoubtedly difficult decision, as well as the reader, because there are clues to both guilt and innocence in steve's case.
  • There are several reasons why steve harmon is found not guilty in the robbery and murder of aguinaldo nesbitt both osvaldo cruz and richard bobo evans testify that steve harmon was supposed to.
  • Steve harmon is a 16 year old african american boy he is being accused of being the lookout for a robbery that went wrong and resulted in the murder of alguinaldo nesbit, the owner of the establishment that was robbed.

Another assumption myers addresses is the principle of innocent until proven guilty in monster myers explores what the words innocent and guilty truly mean prosecutor sandra petrocelli depicts steve harmon as a monster, someone who aided two men who shot and killed a storekeeper.

was steve harmon guilty The book is about steve's trial and whether he will be found guilty of felony murder in the end, steve is found innocent but the reader is left to wonder if steve is guilty or not it is a story of a young man who wants to act tough and ends up in trouble for this.
Was steve harmon guilty
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